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How to monitor and overcome cyberattacks?

The current model of cybersecurity is actually behind the times, as cybercriminals now using more sophisticated business models like ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS).

This clearly reveals that there is an urgent need to update the cybersecurity strategies. The new attack techniques continuously changing the threat landscape, so the increased actions from organizations and other parties are needed to ensure complete cybersecurity resilience.

Detection systems are not powerful enough to detect cyber threats, thus sophisticated analysis techniques have been designed with the help of machine learning algorithms, to detect and accurately respond to attacks.

On the other hand, organizations should monitor cyber attacks both internally and externally.

The question here is that how organizations combat cyberattacks in today’s world where the cyber threats continue to rise in severity. The three-way approach is the method that can potentially decrease the risks of falling victim to cybercrimes:

  • Preventive strategies remain increasingly important. The use of multi-layered security tools is a strong defense system against cybercriminals. It is important because of the fact that it provides multiple outlets of protection.
  • It is important to stay one step ahead, and respond proactively in the most challenging of circumstances so that having adequate detection mechanisms is quite necessary. The detective systems must be designed to track the critical information assets of the organization.
  • Finally, organizations need to respond in a timely manner to security incidents, which requires a holistic view.

Detection mechanisms identify threats and generate a large number of alerts in the process. The end-goal here is obviously remediating the damage fast and bring the business back to full operational capacity as soon as possible.