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Amitabh Singh

CISO at Swisscard AECS GmbH

Alexandre Horvath

CISO at Cryptix AG

Stéphane Rosa


Tom Remberg


Branko Dzakula

CISO at Kaia Health

Stéphane Rabette

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CISO Interview Series

CISO Interview Series #2: Tom Remberg

CISO Interview Series #2: Tom Remberg

Our CISO interview series explore the unique answers to questions like: how did they get started in the tech and eventually become a CISO? What

CISO Interview Series #3: Branko Dzakula

CISO Interview Series #3: Branko Džakula

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Branko Džakula. As the CISO of Kaia Health, a leading digital therapeutics company that develops AI-powered

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