Cyber Security Awareness Month: Social Media Security Tips

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Social Media Security Tips

The speed of the internet has fundamentally transformed the way people receive information. Web 2.0 era, social media has had a huge impact on how we interact with others. Participation is massive – millions of internet users are engaged, mainly in their leisure time, and even at work. In fact, the capability of social media […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Tips for Email Security

Cyber Security Awareness Month: tips for email security

October is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Swiss Cyber Forum is delighted to share helpful cyber tips and best practices to make you more cyber aware. When it comes to information security, everyone plays a part. Hence, we understand the importance of helping inform as many individuals as possible about this important topic. In […]

Integrated Risk Management: the Expert’s Guide

Integrated Risk Management: the Expert’s Guide Data Security Management

We all face risks in our everyday lives, and it is seen as a part of every human endeavour. Some of these risks may seem unimportant, whereas others cause a serious difference in the way we live our lives. Needless to say, it is not only individuals who are subject to risk. Organizations are operating […]

3 Cyber Security Career Advice No One Tells You [Infographic]

cyber security career advice infographic

The job market is encountering significant changes. Besides industry-specific particularities, there are also macro shifts in the modern talent economy, and it applies to cyber security as well. In fact, cyber security has become an important field of job growth in the last several years. New job positions become available each passing month with few […]

TOP Cyber Security Skills [Infographic]

It is no secret that we are living in an era where organisations are facing security threats each passing day. If organisations don’t have workers with top cyber security skills to combat intruders, they will most probably be fighting a losing battle. Employes with cyber security job skills are crucial to successfully implement cyber security […]