Lessons Learned #1: BlackRock Data Breach

cyber security lessons: BlackRock Data Breach

It is a fact that the 4th industrial revolution increased our reliance on the internet and other networked cyber-technologies. Along with massive benefits, this change posed new technological risks or cyber risks. Worse yet, confidential information across all industries is being compromised on a bigger scale now. So data breaches have become an ordinary affair, […]

How to Improve Cyber Security Incident Response? [Presentation]

How to Improve Cyber Security Incident Response?

Cyber security threats have become more numerous and more disruptive. New types of security incidents arise frequently. Preventive actions on the basis of the outcome of risk assessments can diminish the number of incidents. Consequently, an incident response capability is essential for promptly and proactively¬†hunting down incidents, mitigating the shortcomings that were exploited. We at […]

How to Protect Research Data

How to Protect Research Data

If you conduct research and handle personal information, then learn how to protect research data as it’s imperative to learn to keep research data secure

Q&A: Cyber Security in Healthcare Industry

Cyber Security in Healthcare Industry

Technological advancements are enabling technology and people to be better connected to one another. This process has bridged digital and physical worlds. In other words, it has resulted in the development of a network of connected and smart devices that can communicate with each other. However, the increasing use of networked technology has already brought […]

How Can Data Breaches Be Prevented? [Whitepaper]

swiss cyber forum white paper

Information is the new currency. Our personal information including credit card information, internet protocol (IP) addresses, healthcare data, facial recognition biometrics and also location information from a mobile device may be worth millions of euros in the hands of data thieves. So, the stakes are high. Therefore, we’re pleased to present our first whitepaper called […]

Cyber Security Training and Certification

cyber security training and certification

Recent significant cyber attacks on government agencies, defence and technology companies have made people around the world uncomfortably aware of the danger that cyber crimes pose to our society. Cyber crime is also seen as a threat to businesses of all sizes. The prevalence of cyber attacks indicates that people with cyber security skills are […]

How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist: Career Guide

How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist: Career Guide

In order to enjoy a successful career, you must be smart and careful when choosing a profession. It’s imperative that you look into several aspects of the job first. After that, you decide whether it’s going to be suitable for you or not. In this blog post, we explore how to become a cyber security […]

3 Cyber Security Career Advice No One Tells You [Infographic]

cyber security career advice infographic

The job market is encountering significant changes. Besides industry-specific particularities, there are also macro shifts in the modern talent economy, and it applies to cyber security as well. In fact, cyber security has become an important field of job growth in the last several years. New job positions become available each passing month with few […]

Top 5 Internal Security Breaches in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing plays an integral role in many businesses and organisations across the world.  From resilience to regional power cuts to reduced IT costs and flexibility of work practices, there are many benefits of cloud computing. Internal security breaches in cloud computing can affect millions of users, though, which is why internal website security is […]