Diversity in Cyber Security

May 26 2020
EVENT TIME 12:30 Tuesday


About The Event

diversity in cyber security

The shortage of cybersecurity talent is a pressing issue, with a demand remarkably bigger than the supply. This lack of diversity actually makes the process of securing an organization harder than it should be. According to (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Report, women account for only 24% of the cybersecurity workforce. 

We strongly believe that the lack of diversity within the cybersecurity industry needs changing, so it’s time to shorten the gap.

Hereby, we are thrilled to announce our next webinar: “Diversity in Cyber Security”. You’ll definitely be in excellent hands with Elcin Biren, Associate Director, Chief Information Security Office at UBS. In this webinar, Elcin Biren will talk about the roles within the cybersecurity industry, her personal journey in the field, and how women can stay engaged, ad, therefore, get hired.

Key takeaways:

  • Examine the cybersecurity landscape and workforce shortage;
  • Understand how women brain links to cybersecurity required skill set;
  • Learn why keeping women away from security making our life less safe;
  • Learn about TOP practices for security leaders to recruit more women employees.


Featuring: Elcin Biren (Associate Director, Chief Information Security Office at UBS & Chairwoman of “Woman in Cyber Security” Working Groups at Swiss Cyber Forum”.)

Host: Samir Aliyev (DPO Programme Director at the University of St.Gallen & CEO at Swiss Cyber Forum)

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