Exclusive Webinar: Cyber Secure Switzerland

Jan 28 2021
EVENT TIME 14:00 Thursday


About The Event

Florian Schütz Federal Cyber Security Delegate at Swiss Federal Administration

Switzerland has strengthened its activities in the area of cyber risks by establishing a new National Centre for Cybersecurity (NCSC). The organisation serves as a first contact point for businesses, public administrations, educational institutions along with the general public for cyber issues. Cyber security plays a critical role in national as well as international foreign and security policy and is increasingly becoming an important factor for Switzerland as a business location. Since the biggest global economies are already locked in a cyber arms race, it is obvious that Switzerland needs to be prompt with its own solutions. What does the establishment of this organisation mean for Swiss organisations and businesses?

In this webinar, Florian Schütz who holds the position of Federal Cyber Security Delegate at Swiss Federal Administration will walk you through how National Centre for Cybersecurity aims to improve Switzerland’s cyber security capacity building, to support the economy in protecting against cyber risks and ultimately, enhancing the security of its own systems. Some of the other topics discussed will include:


  • the best practices on what kind of measures Swiss organizations should consider to successfully mitigate cyber risks.
  • opportunities offered and the risks posed to the Swiss digital environment.
  • How is the mission of NCSC aligned with a clear vision of the digital transformation future Switzerland wishes to create?
  • how Swiss organisations can engage with NCSC to send cyber incident reports to be analysed and to receive practical advice?


Date: January 28th, 2021 at 14:00 (Zurich)

FeaturingFlorian Schütz (Federal Cyber Security Delegate at Swiss Federal Administration)

Host: Samir Aliyev (CEO at Swiss Cyber Forum & DPO Programme Director at the University of St.Gallen)

Note: This webinar is free of charge


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