Roundtable: The effects of Gender Imbalance

Feb 24 2021
EVENT TIME 15:00 Wednesday


About The Event

Roundtable: The effects of Gender Imbalance

The freedom to work in conditions of dignity, safety and fairness is integral to human welfare. Although women have made great strides in the field of cyber security, gender imbalance still persists, that women are under-represented in cyber security jobs. Acting now to reverse this trend can pay off. Greater inclusion of women in cyber security can bring value, new ideas and innovation to the field. Surely this requires raising awareness, tackling gender stereotypes, and building stronger cooperation across stakeholders to remove barriers to women’s full participation in the field.

Women’s equality and empowerment are one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which grant them a fundamental right to have control over their lives to put forth impact and influence on society. Organisations cannot achieve sustainable growth without mobilizing and including women in their workforce. Swiss Cyber Forum contributes towards guaranteeing that women have access to this right. With that in mind, we are organising a roundtable event to be held on February 24. In that event, the key topics covered will include:

  • learning and growth opportunities for women
  • main challenges for women trying to break into cyber security
  • barriers to grow in the cybersecurity sector
  • initiatives to get more women in cyber security
  • how to encourage women to consider cyber security as a profession?


Date: February 24th, 2021 at 15:00-16:00 CET


Elcin Biren, Associate Director, Chief Information Security Office | Chair Swiss Cyber Forum | ISACA SheLeadsTech Ambassador

Andrea Tribelhorn, Managing Consultant | Member of the Management Team, Detecon (Schweiz) AG | President ISACA Switzerland Chapter

Dr. Patricia Widmer, Programme Director for Diversity and Management Programmes, Executive School of Management, Technology & Law (ES-HSG) University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Roundtable: The effects of Gender Imbalance


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