Sunburst Attack: Main Elements and Key Takeaways for Businesses

Mar 16 2021
EVENT TIME 15:00 Tuesday


About The Event


Although no one knows the full extent of the Sunburst attack, it was ongoing since at least March of 2020, but has only been detected in December of 2020 by FireEye, the cybersecurity and threat research company, when they found the supply chain attack in their own network. Only after FireEye published a detailed report on the attack, cybersecurity vendors started to build and distribute indicators of compromise and signatures for the attack. This attack was based on a Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) to construct subdomains and – as the demonstration in our lab showed –could have been detected much earlier by using machine learning (ML).

Machine learning models are trained to detect the typical patterns occurring in hostnames generated with DGA. Thus, a machine learning algorithm can even detect DGA algorithms it has not explicitly been trained on.


Why is it important?
As cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, traditional cyber defense needs additional measures to protect networks. Thus, future-proof technologies such as ML-based threat detection becomes a central element of a holistic cyber security.


Key takeaways
– Insights into how “Sunburst” worked
– Understanding the limits of traditional cyber defense measures
– Comprehension for the potential of ML-based network security


Target audience
– CISO / Head of Security / Director of Security
– Security Professionals


Why you should attend this expert webinar?

To get insights into one of the largest hacks that ever happened from an industry-leading expert and to discuss further prevention measures.


Date: March 16th, 2021 at 15:00 (Zurich time)

Featuring: David Gugelmann, Dr. sc. ETH

Host: Samir Aliyev, CEO at Swiss Cyber Forum

Note: This webinar is free of charge