Working Groups

Women Working Group in Cyber

A premier working group with national reach dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking.
Chair: Elchin Biren

Healthcare Working Group

Data and technology continue to take a greater role in the healthcare industry. Innovation is improving patient outcomes, but at the same time it increases the landscape for security and privacy incidents. The scenario of completely eliminating security threats is unattainable and therefore manufacturers, healthcare organizations and governments must work to manage them. The healthcare working group aims to bring together stakeholders from the industry to address these challenges.
Chair: Sofia Martinez Gomez

Smart Infrastructures (SI) & Cybersecurity Working Group

Our mission is to improve cybersecurity in smart infrastructure industries: smart building, digital grid, public transportation, etc.
Chair: Dr. Alina Matyukhina

Risk & Governance Working Group

A high-level, cross-disciplinary working group committed to furthering dialogue, action and thought leadership on the governance challenges and opportuntities presented by cybersecurity attacks and risks and the legal and regulatory frameworks governing these.
Chair: Yanya Viskovich