Healthcare Working Group

Data and technology continue to take a greater role in the healthcare industry. Innovation is improving patient outcomes, but at the same time it increases the landscape for security and privacy incidents. The scenario of completely eliminating security threats is unattainable and therefore manufacturers, healthcare organizations and governments must work to manage them. The healthcare working group aims to bring together stakeholders from the industry to address these challenges.

The healthcare working group’s mission is to improve cybersecurity in the healthcare industry.

Initially, quarterly meetings will bring involved stakeholders ranging from pharmaceutical companies (PC) and medical device manufacturers (MDMs) to healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) from across Europe together. 

During these meetings, we aim to inspire, educate and connect.

  • We inspire by giving leading experts the stage to present state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, as well as upcoming and current regulations.
  • We educate by holding collaborative sessions where concepts and standards are broken down to deduct the implications for all stakeholders in the industry. 
  • We connect cybersecurity professionals from all areas to increase collaboration and to allow an open discussion about the industry’s challenges.

Areas we touch upon include but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory landscape and standards
  • Cyber threat and vulnerability maps 
  • Cybersecurity best practices and tools
  • Enterprise security 
  • Security in medical device products and solutions
  • Supply chain and manufacturing security



Sofia Martinez Gomez



Our Mission

We are committed to improving the digital safety and security of society and economy through events, education and global conferences.

Our Vision

Our vision is a strong and secure community, with the ability to guide economy safely and sustainably against cyber threats.